For information on summer training courses, please see the Air Cadet Summer Training Opportunities information sheet.
Be sure to confirm age and level requirements by reading the course descriptions, before signing up for any courses. 

Review the following points before applying:

  • You can select up to three (3) courses
  • You can apply to only one or two courses, if that is all you are interested in
  • You cannot select a course more than once
  • You may not be selected for your top choice - you must be prepared to accept any of your three choices
  • Talk this over with your parents to ensure you are available for the entire duration of the course before you apply
  • Declining a course will have a negative impact on you and the squadron

Course Dates:
 2 Week Courses Serial A
8 Jul - 19 Jul
 Serial B
22 Jul - 2 Aug
 Serial C
5 Aug - 16 Aug
 3 Week CoursesSerial A
8 Jul - 26 Jul
 Serial B
29 Jul - 16 Aug
 6 Week Courses Serial A
8 Jul- 16 Aug

Application Forms must be handed in to CI Ward, Admin Officer, no later Tuesday February 12, 2019
Due to cancellation of regular training, application forms will be accepted via email to

CI J. Ward

Tuesdays from 1900-2100hrs
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
3700 Trelawny Circle
Mississauga, ON

Going to Be Absent from Training?

Notifying the unit of your absence beforehand lets us know not to expect you.
It also lets us know not to call you during the training night.

Please do not e-mail the staff to report an absence - use the form on this site at the link above.

Want to Sign Up for an Event?

Signing up online lets us know you are interested and allows us to plan for transportation and meals.

And Remember: If you sign up, show up!

Cadet Identification Cards

Attendance is an important part of your career as a cadet! At 800 Sqn, we use a Scan-Card system to capture attendance.  Remember to bring your Cadet ID Card and your Health Card with you to all cadet events, and make sure you get scanned in upon arrival, so that your attendance gets credited.

Cadets must sign in for themselves (no signing in for a friend/sibling).