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Staff Directory
For convenience and for information tracking purposes, department heads' e-mail addresses (marked with an * asterisk) automatically send a courtesy copy to the Commanding Officer.

Commanding Officer (CO)
Also: Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor (UCCMA)
Capt M. Royal, CD

Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO)
Also: Standards Officer (StdO)
Capt E. Wright

Administration Officer (AdminO)
OCdt J. Ward

Operations Officer (OpsO)
Also: Webmaster
CI H. Williams

Supply Officer (SuppO)
CI M. Michaud
Asst. Lt D. Radford

Training Officer (TrgO)
Lt S. Prout
Asst. OCdt E. Chan

Training Course Staff email addresses automatically send a courtesy copy to the Training Officer:

Level 1 Course Staff
OCdt E. Chan
Asst. CV Karai

Level 2 Course Staff
OCdt L. Puri
Asst. CV O. Nri

Level 3 Course Staff
Lt R. Simpson
Asst. CV Badlani
Asst. CV E. Nri

Level 4 Course Staff
2Lt M. Martins
Asst. CV Ngalani

Level 5 Course Staff
CI J. Olofernes
Asst. CV R. Badlani

Teams & Sub-Units:

Ground School Program
Lt R. Simpson

Effective Speaking & Debate Team
Lt Simpson
OCdt Puri

Music Training Staff
Capt E. Wright
CI H. Williams

Drill Team With Arms
CI J. Olofernes
OCdt E. Chan

Drill Team Without Arms
OCdt E. Chan

Other Activities:
Fish Fry
Lt Simpson

CI J. Olofernes

Swim Team
CI Chan

Duke of Edinburgh Program
OCdt J. Ward

Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC):

SSC Chair  (SSCC)
Ms. Michelle Francis

SSC Vice Chair
Mrs. Maria Pereira

Mr Sandeep Kumar

Ms. Elaine Pinto

SSC Members:
Mr. Chandra Subramanyam
Mrs. Alefiya Kakal
Mr. Neil Simpson
Mrs. Robyn Knox
Mr. Anant Mital
Mr. Anand Hariharan

Mailing Address
PO BOX 21090 
6677 Meadowvale Town Centre 
Mississauga ON 

Parade Address
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School
3700 Trelawny Circle 
Mississauga ON 

Parade Date & Time
Tuesdays @ 18:30-21:30