A Message from the Commanding Officer

800 'Black Forest' Sqn
Royal Canadian Air Cadets
6677 Meadowvale Town Centre
PO Box 21090
Mississauga, ON
L5N 6A2


Dear Parents and Cadets of 800 Black Forest Squadron,

On behalf of the staff and Sponsoring Committee, I would like to thank you for your involvement with 800 'Black Forest' Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets.  We hope that as one of the largest cadet units in Ontario, 800 Squadron will be able to provide you with an exciting and fulfilling experience, full of learning and growth throughout your cadet membership.  The Canadian Cadet Movement offers the opportunity of a dynamic and professional working and learning environment for all cadets, which is achieved through unit-wide co-operation, and adherence to rules and regulations.

As part of the sign-up process, all cadets have signed a Code of Conduct, which states, among other things, that the cadet will follow all lawful orders and regulations.  The Squadron Standing Orders constitute the founding document of local regulations at 800; please take a moment and familiarize yourself with these at your leisure.  I would like to take an opportunity and address a number of other important local policies which are to be followed by all member cadets and their parents or guardians.

Health Cards
In case of emergency, all cadets must have their valid OHIP Card on their person during any cadet activity.  Health Cards are checked upon sign-in each training night to ensure that every cadet has theirs. 

Health cards will be checked before boarding any bus to a cadet activity (such as a Field Training Exercise, a Competition, or other field trip).  Cadets will not be permitted to board any squadron transport or participate in training without a health card.

Parking & Entrances at Mount Carmel:
Here at 800 Squadron, we are fortunate to enjoy a very positive relationship with the Peel Catholic School Board and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Secondary School, where the squadron parades on Tuesday nights.  As part of our permit with the school, all parents, cadets, and staff, are to park their vehicles in the elevated parking lot beside the school, and to enter only from the side door nearest this parking lot.  Cadets are not permitted to enter or exit through the front doors of the school.

We do realize that this results in a very crowded parking lot during drop-off and pick-up times.  It can be tempting to utilize the one-way Fire Route which runs past the side entrance of the school.  We are, however, not permitted to do this, as any traffic in this road:
  • Blocks the only Fire Route in case of an emergency,
  • Boxes-in the custodial staff vehicles, and
  • Blocks the school's only delivery bay.
^ (Click to enlarge)
Diagram of acceptable and unacceptable vehicle areas.
Dotted line indicates walking route from parking lot to entrance.
No parking, traffic or pickup/drop-off is permitted in the side-road or front driveway, marked in red.
^ (Click to Enlarge)
View of Mount Carmel from the elevated parking lot.
Designated entrance is indicated by the yellow arrow.
All cadets are asked to drop-off or park in this lot, and walk to the entrance.

While we do understand that the parking lot can be crowded and slow-moving at times, we ask that you please do your part to help us maintain a positive relationship with the school by adhering to the agreements of our permit.

Visiting Hours:
As I hope has been established, safety is important to us at 800 Squadron.  The staff are committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for all cadets, free from unfamiliar characters.
A team of Duty NCOs is posted at the side-door entrance throughout the training night.  In the interests of safety, NOBODY other than cadets and staff are to be inside the training facility from 1900hrs (7:00pm) until 2050hrs (8:50pm).  All visitors between these hours must sign in, don a 'Visitor' badge, and report to the Head Office (Cafetorium).  No visitors are allowed to roam the training facility unless accompanied by a staff member.  In the interest of due diligence, this rule applies to all cadets' parents and family members as well, regardless of familiarity. Anyone found to be trespassing will be removed from the building, and may be reported to authorities if needed.

Electronic Devices:
We realize that electronic devices are everywhere in today's world, and there is no denying their usefulness for work, communication, and personal safety.  However, due to concerns regarding the privacy of other cadets, personal electronic devices are not permitted to be used during training, and are brought to cadet events at your own risk.  The squadron is not responsible for lost or stolen electronics or valuables.

Self-Reliance as an Aspect of Cadet Training:
Key among the aims of the cadet movement is the development of leadership qualities in our youth.  To this end, it is preferred that matters regarding a cadet's membership be handled as much as possible by the cadet themselves.  While parental involvement will be required in some specific cases, the best results, for the most part, are achieved when the cadet makes their own decisions, asks their own questions, and pursues their own best interests in dealing with officers.

Parental Engagement:
The Cadet Program is designed to be an immersive experience for all cadets, requiring a high degree of participation in order to ensure the cadet's progression through his or her training and promotions.  As participation and engagement with the program play such key roles in the cadet's career, parents are reminded to please help ensure that your cadet attends all required activities, and as many optional activities as possible too.

During squadron events, parents are asked to please remain reachable at all times in case of an event cancellation or emergency; and to please do your best to keep to a timely pick-up.  Safety is paramount at 800 Sqn and in the CCO; as such, Officers are not permitted to leave the premises until all cadets have been picked up.  In consideration of this, please be diligent in picking up your son or daughter on time - the staff will appreciate this very much.  

During Tagging Weekends (the unit's primary fundraising activity), the squadron will require parents to drive cadets to and from tagging locations.  I would ask that you please try your best to keep your morning and late-afternoon open during those days that your son or daughter is involved in tagging, and if you can, please offer your services as a driver.

Thank you again for your understanding and co-operation.  Together, we look forward to shaping a positive and smooth-running environment here at 800 Squadron.


M. Royal, CD
Commanding Officer
800 'Black Forest' Sqn