Squadron Policy and Participation Requirements 

for Tagging and Poppy Campaign Activities

For more information, see also - SOP 1101: Tagging Participation Requirements

To complete the requirements for promotion, every cadet must participate in unit fundraising activities. These include but are not limited to: Tagging, League Lottery Tickets and the RCL Poppy Campaign. 

1. Common sense shall ALWAYS prevail. Water bottle and weather appropriate gear shall be worn.

2. Time will be built into the training schedule for briefing the cadets on procedures and expectations, but also addressed in call-outs and communications to the cadets through the NCOs well prior to tagging start.

3. Supply, in coordination with the SSC, will arrange to bring any tagging equipment held in Supply to Tagging staging area.

4. If a cadet is not able to be present at FALL tagging sessions, they will sell 3 extra lottery books.

5. Cadets must attend 1.5 days for FALL and SPRING tagging, two days for poppies. If our squadron numbers are high enough cadets will only need to commit to one.

6. The cadets will sign up online in advance for both. This sign up will be managed by the Administration Officer, in conjunction with Operations.

7. Parents will sign up online as drivers in advance.

8. Sign ups will be posted a minimum of a month and a half in advance for FALL/SPRING tagging and poppy sessions.

9. If cadets are only able to be present for a half day, they will provide their own driver.

10. A  staff member will be tasked with grouping the cadets in advance (ex: half day cadets all together, by ranks, etc).

11. If a cadet is not present at FALL tagging (and did not sell extra ticket books to compensate for this absence) their promotion will be held 6 months as they will have neither met the participation requirement, nor have shown themselves as possessing the necessary qualities that merit recognition by promotion. If the cadet sells the extra compensatory lottery books their promotion will not be held.

12. If a cadet is not present at SPRING tagging their promotion will be held 6 months as this time counts towards their minimum participation, and demonstration of necessary qualities that merit recognition by promotion.

13. The list of held promotions will be managed between the DCO and training.

14. Lack of participation in mandatory fundraising activities will gravely affect a cadets Summer Training options, especially as there would be no recommendation for aviation courses.