Welcome to the band!

The squadron brass & reed band plays a key role in the squadron's public image, performing at public parades, private concerts, and regional band competitions.  The band also supports the squadron on parade by providing musical accompaniment as a marching band.
Band members enjoy membership in one of the top cadet bands in the Central Ontario Area, and certainly the most active.  The Band provides an excellent environment for team players to work together with some of the most committed cadets in the squadron.


Read all the information below, and then notify CI Williams or Capt Wright during weekly training to express your interest. All new prospective members must register with the band staff before attending rehearsals. Before committing to join, please ensure that you meet the entry requirements, and can attend all rehearsals.
The band is able to accommodate any of the following instruments:
  • Flute / Piccolo
  • Oboe (bring your own instrument)
  • B-flat Clarinet
  • Bass Clarinet (bring your own instrument)
  • Bassoon (bring your own instrument)
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • French Horn (bring your own instrument)
  • Trumpet / Cornet
  • Baritone horn / Euphonium
  • Trombone / Valve Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals
  • Glockenspiel (keyboard) 
All new members must be either studying their instrument at school, or taking private lessons. 

The band does not provide music lessons or tutoring.

The band has a busy schedule, and therefore can only take on new members during very brief windows of opportunity, usually only at the start of the training year. Please listen carefully for announcements at closing parade, or postings on this page regarding calls for new members.

To maintain membership in the band, all new members must pass a basic playing test and basic theory test by the end of the final rehearsal in December. Additionally, all members must maintain at least a 75% attendance rate at rehearsals, as well as regular training. See details below.
Prospective Members: Please DO NOT show up unannounced at rehearsal, as this disrupts rehearsal.    


  • Attendance: Must maintain a minimum attendance rate of 75% at rehearsals, and 75% on training nights. Must meet or exceed all attendance-based training requirements during the training year. Returning members or prospective members who still have items missing from the previous training year's requirements may be refused entry at the BandO's discretion.
  • Major Performances: Expected to attend all major band performances. Absences must be cleared through the BandO at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • Discipline: Cannot have more than two Cautionary Notices on their personnel file. Cannot have ANY Written Warnings on file, and must never have been RTU'd (Returned To Unit) for disciplinary or academic purposes from a Cadet Training Centre (CTC).
  • Performance Testing: Must achieve 'Basic' proficiency level by December of their first year in the band. This includes a maximum of 2 attempts at the theory test, and unlimited attempts at the playing test (until the deadline, or until both theory test attempts have been used). May also be asked to sight-read routine music from the band's weekly repertoire.
  • Returning Members: Must achieve 'Level 1' proficiency by December of their second year with the band.
  • If re-joining the band after a prior performance failure, the member must achieve Basic proficiency within 2 months of re-joining the band (end of November of the new training year).
Level Testing:
  • Familiarization training for Music Proficiency Levels 'Basic' and 'Level 1' begin during rehearsals in October.
  • 2x 40min Periods of familiarization are conducted each rehearsal until classes are completed (about 5 rehearsals).
  • Playing tests and theory tests can be conducted during the weekly familiarization period, at the cadet's request.
  • The test will consist of a simple playing test, a rhythm-reading test, and a basic theory test. Cadets will be given a testing package containing the playing test and rhythm sheet, as well as a theory package to study for the theory test, in addition to their weekly familiarization classes.
  • All members must attain the 'Basic' music proficiency level (on their primary instrument) by December of their first year in the band in order to maintain membership.
  • All members must complete Music Proficiency Level One (on their primary instrument) by December of their 2nd year in the band, in order to maintain membership.
  • The Band Staff strongly recommend applying for Summer Training in Music to go beyond Level 1 proficiency.  Conducting Basic and Level 1 testing at the home unit means that cadets can utilize one or more summers to take courses in other areas before taking summer training in music, if desired.
Fifer Program:
We will be discontinuing the fife program effective in September 2017. Remaining members are encouraged to transfer and test on another instrument, or pursue other career opportunities at the squadron.

Bugle Qualification Program:
  • Open to trumpeters and percussionists first, all brass players second.
  • Bugle tests can be conducted almost any time, upon request.


Capt E. Wright
CV H. Williams

Saturdays, 0900-1300hrs
Dolphin Sr Public School
18 Brookside Drive
Mississauga, ON


Active members of the Squadron Band are given access to the Band Resource Sub-Site for updates and resources pertaining to level testing, repertoire music, upcoming performances, and rehearsal schedules.


Signup is now closed for the 2019-2020 training year. Thank you to all who applied!



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