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Capt E. Wright
  • Training Requirements: Please check your Level's Info Page (on the left) to ensure that you understand the requirements to pass.
  • "Activities Overview": A detailed write-up of how to pass each performance objective has been posted in the link directly below these announcements.  
  • Sports Nights: Sports and Fitness Assessments are now held on the final Tuesday of each month.
  • Fitness Assessments: Dates have been posted on the Squadron Calendar. Most ranks require a Fitness Assessment for promotion.
  • An FAQ has been posted below with common questions regarding training. All cadets are encouraged to review this.

Learn how to succeed in every subject area of your local level training in our 

FAQ / Outline of Air Cadet Training

What are "Levels" and "Level Training"?
During the Training Year (September to June), cadets participate in "Level Training" - a set of year-long courses held at the squadron, corresponding the number of years' experience the cadet has attained.  Typically, first-year cadets attend "Level 1", second year cadets attend "Level 2", and so on.  

Is there training during the summer too?
Yes. Cadets can apply for a variety of Summer Training Courses which take place at Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) located on Canadian Forces Bases across the country each summer.  Courses are either 2, 3, or 6 weeks in length, and focus on specific subject areas in which a cadet may wish to specialize.

Details and deadlines for applications are communicated by the Training Officer, and the most up-to-date information we have is posted on the Summer Training Info page.

What are the Requirements to Pass My Level?
Each "Level" has a set curriculum, which is standardized nationwide.  We have included a condensed summary of the requirements to pass each Level in the links along the left sidebar of this page.

Every cadet should make a point of reviewing in detail the requirements to pass their level.

How do I get Promoted?
The training program provides cadet with the knowledge and experience they need to perform their duties in each rank. The Promotion CATO (Cadet Administrative Training Order) specifies what training levels need to be met, among other requirements, in order to progress to the next level. You can find it at the top-left of this page.

Who Keeps Track of all this?
When you sign in at a squadron event (ie. weekly training, Field Training, Community Service activities, etc.), the squadron keeps track of your attendance for that event. Attendance is entered into the "Fortress", a 'Protected A' Department of National Defence database for tracking cadets' training records.

What if I am going to be absent / cannot attend weekly training?
1. Do not use e-mail to report an absence - it will be ignored.
2. If you cannot attend a Tuesday Training Night, go to the Administration Tab and fill out an absentee ticket (Or click here to fill it out).

What if I can't Attend Training for a long time?
If you need to miss more than 2 weeks of cadet training, contact the Administration Officer to request a Leave of Absence.

Cadets who have missed 30 calendar days of training or more are automatically removed from our nominal rolls, and requested to turn in their uniform.

How can I check my Progress?
It is primarily the responsibility of the cadet to read the requirements to pass their level, and to keep track of which events they have attended.
The attendance information in "Fortress" helps the staff to calculate which cadets have achieved their Level's requirements at the end of the training year.

I didn't get promoted / advanced to the next level. What do I do?
Go see the Training Officer in person during break on a regular weekly training night. They will check and see if there are any subject areas or events which you are missing, or any make-up assignments which may be required.

My Attendance is too low / I am missing a required event for my Training.
Go see the Training Officer in person to ask about options to make up for missing events.  Some common remedies may include:
  • Completing an academic reading or testing assignment to make up for missed classes or low attendance.
  • (To make up for a missed event, such as FTX or Tagging) Waiting for the next FTX, and attending that in order to make up for the one you missed. Your promotion may need to be put on hold until the event is made up for.
  • Repeating some or all of your current Level training (worst case scenario)

I recently got promoted / Received a qualification. Where do I get my badges?
The Training Officer issues out badges for ranks and qualifications. The supply department does not issue out badges, since they do not have easy access to Fortress in order to verify a cadet's qualification to wear them.

What if I'm a bit older when I Join?
In the event that a cadet joins after turning 14 years of age, "Accelerated Training" may be available to them in their first year of training. This involves completing Levels 1 and 2 consecutively in their first year. The cadet may then pursue Level 3 training in their second year.  This is done to ensure that cadets attend training which is appropriate to their age.

Is Every Event Mandatory?
Most of the events held by the squadron are either Required for Training (ie. they cover subject areas which are part of your Level Training, and which contribute to your qualification therein), or Required for Promotion (ie. the event may or may not be required to pass a training level, but is a requirement to get promoted).  Staff will endeavor to point out the difference during verbal and written announcements.

The squadron also holds events which are optional, but can contribute to a cadet's Training Progression. For example, some community service activities may not be required for all members, but can supplement a training requirement for those who do participate (for example, our Fish Fry activity with the local Legion counts towards the 'Community Service' PO, but is only available to small batches of cadets at any given time).

Squadron Teams and Sub-Units such as Band, Drill Team, Effective Speaking, and Ground School, and Optional Training. These do not directly contribute to a cadet's training progression or promotion, but are fun and exciting ways to amplify the cadet's experience.

Where Do I Sign Up for Events? Do all events have a sign up?
The Squadron sometimes uses online forms for cadets to sign up to a given event. These are used when the squadron:
    A.) Needs to know the number of cadets who will be attending (for example, an event where the squadron provides food, or needs to purchase tickets); or
    B.) When there is a limit on the number of cadets who can attend (for example, a Gliding Day may have a limit of 20 or 40 cadets)

Not all events require a sign-up form. If the squadron does not need to purchase tickets, provide food numbers, or set a limit on the number of attendees, the staff may simply announce the event and keep it open to the entire unit, without the need for a sign-up.

When a sign-up is needed, there will be a link to the sign-up form on the Administration Tab, or on the main page of the site.

Some sign-ups may require Permission Forms. These will be posted in a printable PDF format on the Administration Tab next to the digital sign-up form. 
In these cases, the cadet must:
    A.) Sign up using the Online Sign-Up Form to state their interest in the activity; and
    B.) Submit the completed Permission Form to the Admin Officer as soon as possible to confirm their spot.

Where can I find all the CATOs / Regulations which govern the cadet program?
Some of the most frequently used CATOs (Cadet Administrative Training Orders) are included on relevant pages of the squadron site, for easy access.

If you wish to have access to the entire set of documents, go to Canadian Cadet Organizations File Repository Portal - you can register with a civilian e-mail address and get access to nearly all orders and regulations which apply to the cadet program.