Learning to Give Back

Level 4 builds on all past knowledge learned in the cadet program.  It is an advanced-level course, requiring commitment and results.  Leadership and Instructional skills are further developed in order to create in the cadet an effective and well-trained Senior NCO.

The course also forms the gateway to achieving some of the most senior ranks in the squadron, by ensuring that all Level 4 Qualified Senior NCOs are knowledgeable, dependable, and experienced.

Qualification Standard:

To complete Level 4 Training, cadets must first achieve a minimum of 60% participation in all training activities and squadron activities, as was done in all previous levels of training.

Additionally, cadets must achieve a minimum mark of 60% or a rating of "Completed Without Difficulty" in the following evaluations:
  • Conduct a 30-minute Drill Lesson
  • Conduct a 30-minute In-Class Lesson
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Combined Aviation Test

Cadets must attend the Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) at the end of the training year in order to complete Level 4.

Subjects Covered:

  • Citizenship & Community Service
  • Team Leadership
  • Recreational Sports & Personal Fitness
  • Marksmanship using the Cadet Air Rifle
  • General Cadet Knowledge for Level 4 Cadets
  • Air Force Traditions
  • Commanding a Flight on Parade
  • Instruct a Lesson
  • Principles of Flight
  • Engine Systems
  • Radio Procedures
  • Air Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Aerospace Structures
  • Career Opportunities in Aerodrome Operations
  • Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance
  • Field Training / Aircrew Survival Activities

Ranks Achievable:

Flight Sergeant (FSgt)
  • Complete at least 6 months of service as a Sergeant (Sgt).
  • Complete Level 4 Training.
  • Achieve a minimum rating of "Completed Without Difficulty" in PO 403 (Leadership) Assessment.
  • Participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessment as part of training.
  • Be recommended for promotion by course staff.

*When preparing recommendations for promotion, course staff will take into consideration:
  • Dress & Deportment;
  • Conduct, discipline, and attitude;
  • Participation (in activities & events);
  • Response to Direction;
  • Ability to interact positively and comfortably with others;
  • Ability to make sound judgements regarding their own actions;
  • Willingness to accept responsibility;
  • Ability to solve problems effectively;
  • Ability to communicate effectively;
  • Ability to set a positive example for others; and
  • Personal initiative.
2Lt M. Martins
Tuesdays from 1900-2100hrs
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
3700 Trelawny Circle
Mississauga, ON




     Invites for the Level 4 virtual classroom have been sent out to all Level 4s.  Check             your emails for the link to the classroom.  If you have not received the link or the                 link/classroom does not work, it may be due to the following reasons:

    1) It went to your spam/junk folder: Double check your spam/junk.  Your email account          may have sent it to that folder

    2) Your using a non-google account: Some non-google accounts do not work well with            google applications.  If this is the case, email me (using the email on this page) with            your rank, full name and preferred gmail address. 

    3) You do not have a valid email: The email that you have provided does not work.  If             this is the case, email admin to update your information.  As well, email me with a             working email so that I can added you to the classroom.

    If you are still having issues receiving the invite or accessing the classroom, send me an     email with your rank, full name and a description of the issue. 

Other Messages

  • Regularly check your emails, the squadron website and squadron social media accounts for updated information.  

  • Follow local COVID-19 health guidelines and protocols

  • Be safe and take care