Learning to Give Back

Level 4 builds on all past knowledge learned in the cadet program.  It is an advanced-level course, requiring commitment and results.  Leadership and Instructional skills are further developed in order to create in the cadet an effective and well-trained Senior NCO.

The course also forms the gateway to achieving some of the most senior ranks in the squadron, by ensuring that all Level 4 Qualified Senior NCOs are knowledgeable, dependable, and experienced.

Qualification Standard:

To complete Level 4 Training, cadets must first achieve a minimum of 60% participation in all training activities and squadron activities, as was done in all previous levels of training.

Additionally, cadets must achieve a minimum mark of 60% or a rating of "Completed Without Difficulty" in the following evaluations:
  • Conduct a 30-minute Drill Lesson
  • Conduct a 30-minute In-Class Lesson
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Combined Aviation Test

Cadets must attend the Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) at the end of the training year in order to complete Level 4.

Subjects Covered:

  • Citizenship & Community Service
  • Team Leadership
  • Recreational Sports & Personal Fitness
  • Marksmanship using the Cadet Air Rifle
  • General Cadet Knowledge for Level 4 Cadets
  • Air Force Traditions
  • Commanding a Flight on Parade
  • Instruct a Lesson
  • Principles of Flight
  • Engine Systems
  • Radio Procedures
  • Air Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Aerospace Structures
  • Career Opportunities in Aerodrome Operations
  • Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance
  • Field Training / Aircrew Survival Activities

Ranks Achievable:

Flight Sergeant (FSgt)
  • Complete at least 6 months of service as a Sergeant (Sgt).
  • Complete Level 4 Training.
  • Achieve a minimum rating of "Completed Without Difficulty" in PO 403 (Leadership) Assessment.
  • Participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessment as part of training.
  • Be recommended for promotion by course staff.

*When preparing recommendations for promotion, course staff will take into consideration:
  • Dress & Deportment;
  • Conduct, discipline, and attitude;
  • Participation (in activities & events);
  • Response to Direction;
  • Ability to interact positively and comfortably with others;
  • Ability to make sound judgements regarding their own actions;
  • Willingness to accept responsibility;
  • Ability to solve problems effectively;
  • Ability to communicate effectively;
  • Ability to set a positive example for others; and
  • Personal initiative.
2Lt M. Martins
Tuesdays from 1900-2100hrs
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
3700 Trelawny Circle
Mississauga, ON



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