What to expect for the 2020-2021 Training Year

Directives on conduct of the cadet program in a Covid environment have been provided by the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group (NCJCR Sp Gp). These include direction on nation-wide safety protocols, as well as parameters for adapting regular training to prioritize the safety of all members. The outline of the 2020-2021 training year will differ significantly from previous years as we strive to deliver a program which is safe, fun, and engaging.

Cadets and parents are encouraged to follow the squadron website and online calendar closely, as details for upcoming training sessions and events will be conveyed primarily by these means.

Virtual Training

The majority of training will, until further notice, be held online through videoconferencing. Cadets will be invited to a Google Classroom applicable to their proficiency training level, using the e-mail address provided in their registration papers. 

Cadets are required to ensure that the display name registered to their e-mail address is their real name, so they can be verified by classroom moderators when joining a video conference. 

If you are a registered member of the squadron and have not received a Google Classroom invitation by 1 October, please submit a ticket here.  

A link to a Google Meet session will be posted in each Training Level's Google Classroom on Tuesday evenings, shortly before training commences. Cadets are expected to join the call between 18.55-19.05 (6:55-7:05pm). Lessons are expected to last until 8:00-8:20pm.

Every few weeks, cadets will participate in online Section Meetings, which will give cadets an opportunity to meet other members of the squadron, share what they have been learning, and receive routine announcements.

Limited In-Person Activities

Some training simply cannot be conducted effectively online. Directives by the NCJCR Sp Gp outline national safety practices for all in-person training. To minimize risk, the Training Department has kept in-person training to a minimum, with only two in-person activities in the fall season, to be conducted outdoors, socially-distanced, and wearing non-medical masks (NMMs), and in adherence to all prescribed .

Autumn Training Day: A mixed training day including fundamental drill, leadership taskings, and other activities.

Autumn Aircrew Survival Weekend: A two-day exercise focusing on field craft and leadership. Parental drop-off and pickup on each day - no overnight element.

A similar plan is intended for the spring season, and will be announced here in a timely manner.

Training Requirement

All cadets are required to attend a minimum of 60% of all scheduled training in order to pass their training level.

Cadets will not be held back in their training progression for being unable to attend a given event due to health & safety concerns. Some promotions (namely Sergeant and up) may, out of necessity, be delayed until a safe opportunity to complete required evaluations, if an online equivalent cannot be found.