You may have noticed that we have a new website!

Here's a bit more information about that, and a few other changes cued up for the 2021-22 Training Year:


Our new website now has FIVE domains to better organize the most important information for our cadets and their parents. They have been tethered together seamlessly, but can also be navigated to directly for speed and convenience. They include:

    • 800Squadron.com - Our main hub, which includes quick info, announcements, the calendar, contact page, and 'About Us' (formerly 'Heritage').

    • Training.800Squadron.com - The training department sub-site, which contains resources for instructors.

    • Admin.800Squadron.com - The Administration department sub-site handles enrolment & annual validation, and hosts forms for requesting a training absence, or signing up for events.

    • Supply.800Squadron.com - Contains information about commonly-issued kit (such as sizing, measurements, and basic care instructions), and tools for requesting new uniforms parts.

    • Teams.800Squadron.com - Extracurricular teams each get a page on the Teams sub-site to post information including how to join, membership requirements, and staff bulletins.


To streamline our staff e-mail system, some of our old e-mail addresses are on their way out! Check the Staff Contact page for the updated e-mail addresses, and if you use an address book, take some time to update it. Older addresses not on the staff contact page will be shut down in January 2022.

Individual adult staff (CIs and up) can be contacted at personalized 800 Squadron e-mail addresses now! The naming format is Lastname@800Squadron.com . Department e-mail addresses will automatically forward to the applicable staff member's address.


New Standing Orders have been issued, and will go into full effect on 5 October 2021. Some key points for cadets and parents to familiarize themselves with include:

  • Chapter 2 includes a Refined Flight Management System, and New Squadron Organizational Chart

  • Chapter 3 contains a streamlined set of expectations for all cadets by rank, and by position

  • Chapter 5 lays out a streamlined system and aide-memoire for conflict management and discipline

  • Chapter 6 summarizes and clarifies a variety of training requirements and promotion standards

The standing orders have been broken up into chapters and sections of about 5-7 pages which can each be read in one or two sittings. All cadets are expected to familiarize themselves with those areas applicable to their duties. You can find the Standing Orders here, or by clicking the button on the front page.