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About Us:

800 is one of many local air cadet squadrons located across Canada, belonging to, and carrying out training for, the Royal Canadian Air Cadets (RCAirCS).  The squadron's primary function is to provide training during the school year for its more than 200 cadets (one of the largest units in Canada).  For more information on the unit's history and accomplishments, see the Heritage section.

Other cadet units in the City of Mississauga include 105 - 7th Toronto Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery (Army Cadets); 789 'Lt R Hampton Gray VC' Sqn (Air Cadets); 186 'RCSCC Haida' (Sea Cadets); and 845 'Avro Arrow' Sqn (Air Cadets).

See the unit locator at Cadets.ca to find a local unit near you!

What is the Cadet Program?
The Canadian Cadet Movement (CCM) is a Nation-wide Youth Program open to youth between the ages of 12 and 18, which is run in partnership between the civilian Air Cadet, Army Cadet, and Navy Leagues, and the Department of National Defence.

During the school year, cadets attend weekly training nights to engage in classes and activities regarding a variety of topics, as part of an annual course progression referred to as 'Levels'.  Several types of weekend exercises are also required to round out this training experience.  It is a multifaceted and dynamic program, requiring dedication and commitment as well as excellent time management skills in order to fully succeed.

The squadron also offers several extracurricular Teams, which offer an excellent environment in which to learn, build new skills and make new friends; all whilst enriching the cadets' commitment with the program and contributing to the unit as a whole.

In the summer, selected cadets have the opportunity to attend specialized courses at Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) located on Canadian Forces Bases across the country.  These courses take either 2, 3, or 6 weeks depending on their seniority and specialization.

The Cadet program seeks to develop in youth the qualities of leadership and citizenship; to promote physical fitness; and to stimulate an interest in the activities of the Canadian Forces; and to do so in a fun, safe, and professional environment.

To learn more about what we do, look here at Cadets.ca!

What the Cadet Program is NOT:
It is not uncommon for newcomers to have some misconceptions of the cadet program, and it is important to understand these before joining, to avoid confusion or disappointment:
  • Cadets are not members of the military, and are not required or expected to join the Canadian Forces during or after their membership in the Cadet program.
  • The Cadet Program is not a Boot Camp or a Military Academy.  Cadets and staff conduct themselves in a reasonable and professional manner, as would be expected at any office or place of work.
  • The Cadet Program is not a drop-in program.  Cadets need to attend a wide variety of activities in order to complete their annual training curriculum, and advance in the program.  This requires a high level of commitment and time management on the part of the cadet and the parent/guardian, and cannot be accomplished with casual attendance.
  • The Cadet Program is not a babysitting service. Please let your son or daughter decide themselves if they want to join, and let them handle their own career path within the program.  The staff prefer to deal directly with the cadets rather than their parents in most areas of the program, as this shows initiative and personal responsibility on the cadet's part.  Please be sure to pick up your son or daughter on time after squadron activities - squadron staff are not permitted to drive cadets home.

We look forward to working with you.


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