Standing Orders are the founding document for the common structure and operation of the squadron.

They are issued on the authority of the CO 800 Sqn, and apply to all cadets and staff upon joining.

Standing Orders are updated on an as-needed basis.

800 RCAirCS Standing Orders

Last updated: 05 October 2021

Latest Changes:

  • Original Document issued effective 5 October 2021.

  • While the entire document is important, cadets are encouraged to prioritize their first reading as follows:

      • Chapter 2 includes a Refined Flight Management System, and New Squadron Organizational Chart

      • Chapter 3 contains a streamlined set of expectations for all cadets by rank, and by position

      • Chapter 5 lays out a streamlined system and aide-memoire for conflict management and discipline

      • Chapter 6 summarizes and clarifies a variety of training requirements and promotion standards

      • Chapter 7 outlines policy on the use of the primary training facility, with fire safety procedures at Annex D

      • Annex A provides amplifying instructions on uniform standards, in addition to those in CCO-100 CJCR Dress Instructions.


  • 18 Sep 2021: Temporary Suspension of Chapter 7. As 800 RCACS pursues temporary solutions for primary training facilities, Chapter 7: Primary Training Facility will temporarily be non-applicable. This chapter will be re-instated upon return to the OLMC facility.