Last Updated: 8 April 2022

800 Squadron will return to in-person weekly training on 12 April 2022!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Training will be hybrid - some training levels will be online, and some in-person each week. Check the Google Classroom and the front page of the squadron website each week to see who is in-person or online.

  • In-person training will be held on Tuesday evenings at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School (3700 Trelawny Circle), which is 800 Sqn's usual training location.

How to Prepare:

  • Review the COVID Safety policies below.

  • Ensure that your Health Card is not expired - and bring it with you to cadets!

  • Review the Joining Instructions from the Enrolment page - Annex B 'What to Expect at Cadets' has useful info pertaining to the use of the OLMC facility, as well as regular cadet routines.

  • Check the front page of the Website to see what the Dress is for this week, and who is online or in-person.

Notes on Drop-Off, Pick-Up, and the OLMC Facility:

  • All Cadets must complete the Ontario School Screening / Self- Assessment tool before arriving, and display it at sign-in.

  • Drop-off at OLMC is from 6:10-6:25pm. Pick-up is from 9:25-9:45pm.

  • Use the north parking lot for pickup and drop-off. DO NOT use the fire route which extends around the school, or the front driveway.

  • Enter/Exit through the North side door, next to the shipping bay. DO NOT use the front entrance.

  • As part of our permit agreement, no persons aside from cadets and staff are permitted in the building - this includes parents and family.

  • Cadets should bring a clearly-labeled water bottle with them, and eat a proper meal before attending. As part of our permit agreement, there will be no food or drink (besides water) permitted.

  • OLMC does not require proof of vaccination to attend.

Standing Safety Policies:

  • Prior to arrival, all participants (staff and cadets) must complete the Ontario School Screening / Self-Assessment Tool with a favourable result.

  • Masks are to be worn in all indoor settings, and outdoors when distancing cannot be maintained.

  • Physical distancing of 2 metres will continue, expanding to 3 metres during high exertion / aerobic activity, and as directed for music training.

  • We will follow any requirements by a facility owner/operator pertaining to proof of vaccination where applicable.

  • Hand washing and sanitization measures will be implemented at all activities.

  • We will abide by any additional restrictions, requirements, or guidance announced by the Peel Public Health Unit.

Update on use of NMMs (Non-Medical Masks): Although provincial masking requirements are lifted effective 21 March 2022, the National CJCR instructions on Cadet Training in a persistent COVID environment will continue to require mask-wearing as a nationwide policy at this time. See policy HERE.

Please report to your staff any positive COVID case following a cadet activity.